Sunday, January 31, 2010

SUCCESS is a journey ... of DESTINATIONS !!

SUCCESS is a journey ...of DESTINATIONS !!!

Back in my early days when I first started in Martial Arts with JKA, there was a Martial Arts code in my licence book, the code was principles to live by.
In my early years I heard that as you went through your dan levels in traditional Karate-do at the higher levels it was more what you did for the martial arts rather than "how many tall buildings you could jump".
I'm sure you agree that there is much that can be done and we can do.And if your MAD about ALL the Martial Arts like I am and the benefits it has given us M.A.D. MA is my offering to connect and do something.
My aim in this blog is to keep you informed with a group that jointly HELPS and is informed by the many Martial Artists (practising or not) out there that are doing IT and in the know, to give us ACTION We can take, internationally !!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MA-m.a.d. = Martial Artists Make A Difference

MA-mad = Martial Arts mad -mad about Martial Arts

Martial Arts is world wide and I have pursued the arts because of the difference it is making and the difference it has made in my life ... I want to do more ... WE CAN !!I want to help more people enjoying the benefits, they're needed and I think connecting us together in awareness and communication CAN...Help to protect children, women and men !Inspire youth !Help to end poverty !Bring people closer !All the instructors since I was child have been fantastic role models and I'm sure yours is ... I truly believe it is just the way... ! is to raise awareness of the Martial Arts for society and connecting Martial Artists together in a common cause.